Ayurvedic Special

Abhyanga & Swedana

Ayurvedic Full Body Oil Massage and Herbal Steam bath: 1.5-2 hr. $90. 
(Normally $108)


Stress relief treatment. Includes head, neck, and face massage. 1hr.

Best results if done consecutively.  Choose three sessions for $65 each and receive a $30 savings!

(Normally $75)

Tri-karma Package
Abhyanga, Swedana, and Shirodhara,) : 3 hrs. $165
Choose a series of three packages for $150 each.
(Normally $180)

Ayurvedic Consultation
A comprehensive case evaluation, including recommendations for diet, lifestyle, herbs and therapies. 1 hr. $75
(Normally $85)

Ayurvedic Basic Consultation
A simple health overview, preliminary evaluation used to customize therapies: 15 mins: $15
(Normally $25)

Some treatments may not be recommended for specific health conditions.  Please inquire.
Gift Certificates available.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please call 530-263-7903 or email tess@gunanatha.com

Tess Rosenbush  CAS, PKS