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A Path of Healing

For over twenty years, Eric & Tess have learned and practiced in service to the traditional medicines, plants & ancient sciences of the world.  

Tess Rosenbush

Āyurvedic Medicine & Pañcakarma
Indian & Tibetan External Therapies
Food as Medicine

Dr. Eric Rosenbush

Tibetan, Chinese & Āyurvedic Medicines
Licensed Acupuncturist (USA)
Jyotiṣa Consultations

Our Projects

To live is to serve. 

THE DUNAGIRI FOUNDATION is a nonprofit organization working to save endangered Himalayan medicine plants from extinction.  We work with farmers in India, cultivating herbs that are going extinct in the wild.  

All of the Asian medical systems rely on these precious plants, and we will only be able to continue traditional medical practice traditions into the future if they are preserved through sustainable management of wild populations and cultivation.

SAMATA is where Eric & Tess live much of the year, a center located in tropical paradise, near the Arabian Sea in Goa, India. As a project of the Dunagiri Foundation, Samata hosts retreats and various types of classes, an active clinic with herbal pharmacy, and an organic garden growing over 300 species of culinary and medicinal plants. 

Tess manages the kitchen and garden, creating fresh garden-to-table meals inspired by the principles of āyurveda. Both Tess & Eric work in the clinic, make medicines in the pharmacy from the herbs growing on the land, and teach various types of courses. 

Students and volunteers are welcome. 

THE SORIG INSTITUTE is one of the only schools of Tibetan medicine in the US, started by Eric and his teacher Dr. Nida Chenagtsang in 2006. Based in California, it is a branch of SORIG KHANG, an international network of Tibetan medical schools offering comprehensive training in Sowa Rigpa – the Tibetan science of healing, and KuNye – the system of Tibetan massage and body therapies.  

Eric is the academic director of the Sorig Institute and an international Sorig Khang instructor, frequently traveling around the globe teaching courses on Sowa Rigpa and related subjects. 

Visit our classes page for more info on upcoming courses around the world.

SORIG ACADEMY is the online teaching division of the Sorig Institute. Eric and other instructors frequently teach online courses on Sowa Rigpa and other subjects.

THE SOWA RIGPA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE is the first accredited teaching program for the Sowa Rigpa medical system in Nepal.  We work with the college in various capacities.

Many of the students need sponsors to attend the program.  The Ngakmang Foundation assists in coordinating international sponsors from the US and Europe.  It is a noble cause, and is creating great benefit for the preservation of tradition as well as helping to facilitate bringing high quality traditional healthcare to the people of Nepal, especially in remote areas.

Please consider supporting the college.  https://sorigcollege.org/contribute/

NGAKMANG is a charity that supports the Ngakpa tradition of Tibetan yogis in the Rebkong area of northeast Tibet.  Some projects include renovating historical temples, sponsoring ceremonies, and building retreat centers. 

Other Ngakmang projects include sponsoring students from the Sowa Rigpa International College in Nepal.