Services we offer:

Traditional Tibetan Medicine

The system of Tibetan Medicine uses four main methods of treatment: diet, lifestyle, herbs, and external therapies.

Tibetan Herbs:

Tibetan medicine uses unique and powerful system of herbal medicine from the high plateau and Himalayan regions.

External Therapies:

External therapies include moxibustion and other types of heat therapy, KuNye oil massage, HorMe hot oil compresses, herbal bath and steam therapy, acupuncture, and other therapeutic tools.

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Consultations, dietary and lifestyle counsel, herbal treatments.


Abhyanga- Ayurvedic oil massage
Svedana- Steam therapy
Karma Chikitsa- cleansing practices used in Pancha Karma
Internal and External Herbal Therapies


Classical Chinese Herbalism and Acupuncture


Jyotisha- Vedic Astrology